Joe Halabi

I'm the Principal Attorney of Halabi Law LLC, and have years of experience behind me that demonstrates itself today in my work. That means that you get a highly effective criminal defense attorney on your side – and one which increases your chances of maintaining your current way of living.

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I have been a Greater Columbus for the past fifteen years, after earning my undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and my Juris Doctorate from the Capital University School of Law. During law school, I worked in the Columbus City Prosecutor’s Office.In my time at the Prosecutor’s Office, I managed thousands of traffic cases. Among other duties, I answered defense motions to suppress and conducted Bureau of Motor Vehicle drivers’ licenses suspension appeal hearings. I have successfully argued numerous motions to suppress based on reasonable suspicion for the stops, probable cause for the arrests, and violations of Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights. As a litigator, there is nothing I have found more rewarding than protecting my client’s rights. In years past, my client was the state. Today, my clients are my neighbors.

I honestly believe that my prior experience at the Prosecutor’s Office gives me a unique set of skills to aggressively advocate for the best interests of my clients. So, I offer local representation to Ohio residents who are facing a criminal charge. Because of my dedication to client satisfaction and personal attention on every case, you can rest assured that I will always be there to defend your rights.


  • Halabi Law, LLC, Columbus, Ohio: Defend clients in felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile criminal cases. Extensive experience in many different kinds of criminal defense cases, including attempted murder, domestic violence, OVI, abuse, neglect, dependency, and traffic violations. I handle every aspect of these criminal cases, including over 250 OVI cases from arraignment through jury trial. I also have considerable experience in suppression hearings and jury trials.
  • Suhre and Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio: Defended clients in felony and misdemeanor cases (predominantly OVIs).
  • Background Investigator, State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Sacramento, California: Investigated the moral character of peace officer and non-peace officer applicants for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, including review of all documentation and interviews with applicants’ relatives, friends, landlords, and employers. 
  • Deputy Commissioner, State of California Department of Real Estate, Sacramento, California: Investigated consumer complaints against real estate agents, brokers and unlicensed individuals. Conducted broker office surveys. Researched, gathered and analyzed evidence regarding possible violations of state real estate laws.
  • Legal Clerk, Columbus City Prosecutor's Office: Represented the City and State in traffic and criminal arraignment court; represented the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles in drivers’ license suspension appeal cases.